Anne McGuire

Anne McGuire was drawn to the board in early 2015 after having a conversation with one of her nephews on the board, Matt Erickson.


Anne works as the Director of Programs and Pilgrimages for Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics. She has been involved with the North American Academy of Liturgy as chair of study group “Formation for Liturgical Prayer”, is a member of the Sacramental Ministry Committee, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, served as Director of Self-Study for HLC NCA Accreditation, St. Gregory’s University from 2008-2011, was the Chair of the Faculty Life Committee, St. Gregory’s University, 2006-2008, and served as board member, Oklahoma Alliance for Liturgy and the Arts (2005-2011), and president (08-11).


Anne attended Winona State College to earn a BS in Mathematics, then St. John’s University for a MA in Liturgical Studies, and obtained her PhD in Theology from Notre Dame University.

She said she was impressed with the mission of Erickson Merkel Foundation.


“As a college professor I know many students who struggle to advance their education while working to support themselves and their families,” Anne said. “As a parent, the need for financial assistance during college is underscored. Both of these make me committed to finding ways to reward, in whatever way possible, those who want to get a college education while finding their careers working at the same time.”