Eric Jungels, executive director

Eric Jungels, executive director

Eric Jungels, Executive Director

Eric is a cofounder, executive and active board member for the Erickson Merkel Foundation. As volunteer executive director for the foundation, he focuses on promoting the foundation’s mission and advancing the foundation’s strategy and organization development efforts.

In addition, Eric works with the Anderson Center, an executive education nonprofit organization, in St. Cloud, Minn. As a communications director for the Center since 2011, he works to refine and manage the Center’s marketing and branding activities. His efforts are focused on market planning and strategy, and he oversees marketing communications and community relations activities for the Center.

Eric’s career in marketing includes more than eight years of branding, marketing, and design consulting for small businesses and more than eleven years of public relations work for the military.

Joining the Army in 2003, Eric has worked extensively with local, national and international media outlets. While deployed with U.S. Central Command, he conceptualized, organized and led two public relations missions into Iraq and Afghanistan. Later, while deployed to Basra, Iraq, Eric worked as the public affairs officer in a Multinational Division Operations Center. After U.S. armed forces withdrew from Iraqi cities, Eric became part of an Emmy®-winning military communications team and oversaw the production of a number of the division’s top communication and legacy products. He remains an active member of the Army National Guard, and he currently serves under Joint Force Headquarters in North Dakota.

Eric is involved in the community in a number of ways. He volunteers as a graphic designer for Opportunity Matters, and he is a former financial coach for United Way of Central Minnesota and former English teacher (through free ESL classes, designed mainly for members of St. Cloud’s East African community and offered by Central Minnesota Adult Basic Education). Eric is also a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Having graduated with honors from St. Cloud State University with a degree in management, Jungels also earned a Master in Business Administration degree from St. Cloud State. He studied digital marketing and social strategy, as an executive education program participant at Harvard Business School, and he has completed coursework for a Master of Science degree in Public Relations and Advertising. In addition, he is a graduate of the accredited Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland, where he studied public affairs, community relations, and journalism.


Eric enjoys reading business books, traveling, running and playing hockey. He is also an avid fight fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family.