image034Jared Klempel

Jared Klempel joined the board in early 2015 after learning about the Erickson Merkel Foundation from Chris and Eric, who he’d served with in the National Guard.
Jared works in the North Dakota National Guard as an Army Command Administrative Assistant. Through nearly a decade of service he’s spent time at home and abroad, working to make sure that service members have all the things they need.

In his spare time Jared serves as a Head Coach for the Bismarck Midget Football League.
He said his interest in joining the board came up because he’d always wanted to be part of an organization that was driven by helping and encouraging others to do their best in order to accomplish their goals.

“I can help EMF’s mission with my willingness to work hard … and to help them envision EMF’s bright future and enlist their help to accomplish EMF’s goals/mission,” Jared said.